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Minutes TCC Meeting 2ndJuly - Rates Rise of 11.9% !

Arising from the meeting and comments from WDC Councillor Representative Crystal Beavis the rates increase will be struck at 11.9% and not the original mooted 13.75% increase. This follows the WDC roadshow and feedback from district rate payers.

More in the minutes and the monthly report from both Councillors Beavis and Keir.


Tamahere-Tauwhare Bus Service Patronage Growing

The latest patronage data for the recently established Tamahere/Tauwhare bus service shows increasing usage.

CLICK HERE to view latest patronage data.

Download TCC Meeting Minutes for Tuesday 4th June, 2024

WDC Councillor's Report for May, 2024

WDC Councillors’ April Update Outlines WRC 
Draft Transport 
Rate Change  & Proposes Equitable Option to WRC for Distributing Bus Service Costs Among All Ratepayers

Final submissions of the WRC LTP Close 4pm, May 2nd. Download Councillors full report from your elected reps and submission links by CLICKING HERE.

WDC Mayor Says The Current Community Funding is Broken!

Mayor, Jacqui Church's full statement CLICK HERE

TCC Meeting Minutes from April 2nd.

Tamahere Ward Councillors March Monthly Report Announces Proposed 13.75% Rate Rise

Other key points from the report from Councillors Crystal Beavis and Mike Keir include:

Long Term Plan deferred

Waikato District Council has decided to defer its next Long Term Plan (LTP) until 2025. 

General rates increase of 13.75% proposed

To meet a range of increased costs including inflation, interest rates, increasing compliance requirements, and increasing asset maintenance costs, the Council’s draft 2024-25 Annual Plan proposes a general rate increase of 13.75%.

Annual Plan consultation

Consultation on the Annual Plan will take place from 25 March – 26 April and will include face-to-face meetings in every Ward.  Watch the Council website for more details. Go to .

Reminder: Keeping of animals bylaw

Share your ideas with the Council on the Keeping of Animals Bylaw before we revise it through a formal consultation process later this year. Early engagement is open until 31 March. This is the time to make your views clear. Go to .

Download full report by CLICKING BELOW

A series of planning workshops with community representatives has helped shape Council’s views in regards to the WDC Annual Plan. Picture shows Councillor Beavis (centre) and Charles Fletcher - TCC Community Chair (right)

Councillors full report can be seen HERE

TCC Meeting Minutes for March Tuesday 5th

A number of pertinent issues will come before the committee which invite public submissions including:

  • Waikato Regional Transport Committee 2024 Regional Land Transport Plan

  • Keeping of Animals Bylaw review – This is early stage shaping of the Keeping of Animals Bylaw – access further information .

  • Community Plan development with Dominque Thurlow | WDC Tamahere.

  • Blueprint. Advice - which projects are community led & which are council led?

  • Housing Strategy information gathering workshop

Download the Minutes (subject to acceptance at the next meeting) by CLICKING BELOW

Community Asked To Keep an Eye On The New Public Toilet in Tamahere Park After Vandalism

Following the 5th March Committee meeting residents are being asked for support to report vandalism. The TCC has some initiatives to manage the issue.

The Council does not plan to provide for drying your hands or a toilet seat due to vandalism, which understandably is a real problem. The Committee suggested the following:

  • Provide signage that states what can be flushed down the toilet plus signage that provides a number to call if vandalism is occurring or has occurred (so it can be reported immediately).

  • Bring the matter to the attention of the Tamahere Community so that people are more aware.

  • Encourage the Council to speed up the CCTV project so that CCTV monitoring can assist with identifying the culprits. 

  • TCC to liaise with Hamilton East, Tamahere and Matangi Community Patrol.

    Please call 111 to report activities of vandals or vandalism and remember to grab 'happy snaps' of any perpetrators.

CCTC Camera Installation For Village Given Go-Ahead Now Delayed

UPDATE : Despite the go ahead there is now a hold-up at the HCC end which it is hoped will be resolved at the HCC's next meeting 11th March.

'Consultation has been completed, Privacy Act considerations, etc and the role of the NZ Police in asking that the Tamahere CCTV network be on a live feed to the HCC CCTV Monitoring Centre' says TCC Chairman, Charles Fletcher.
'The updated costing is still less than the approved project price for the Tamahere Village CCTV solution, so I am confident this can now proceed as an approved WDC CCTV project and first in the que', says Charles.

Monitoring is done by the Hamilton City Council who liaise with police should the need arise. Picture below shows the Hamilton City Council Camera Monitoring Centre.

UPDATE : Tamahere EV Charging Station Now Live!

Finally the log-planned EV Charging Station in the car-park of the Tamahere Village is fully operational. READ about it HERE.

WDC Water Regulation Changes Passed

A revised bylaw has been recommended to the Council by elected representatives  for formal adoption on the 18th of December. In the revised bylaw separate metering for secondary dwellings will NOT be required in restricted flow (trickle supply) areas unless owners request it. More information by CLICKING HERE.  Download the Councils presentation to obtain valuable background information on their intentions by CLICKING HERE.

New Rates Valuations & Community Security

New rating valuation letters were scheduled to begin to be posted out from 12 June. These new rates underpin the general rates for the upcoming year starting 1 July 2024. CLICK HERE for more info.

At our July 2nd meeting we discussed community safety and wellbeing with a visit from representatives of Tamahere Patrol New Zealand (TPNZ).

As well Waikato District Road Policing Manager, Inspector Jeff Penno attended the meeting providing us with some interesting insights into crime rates and lengthy discussion about 'boy racers' in the community.


UPDATE: Tamahere Country Club | Notified Application for Consent has Been Granted

Read all about this application and granting of consent..CLICK HERE

Submission Lodged Re Crawford Quarry

Your TCC has lodged a submission regarding the proposed reclassification of the Crawford Quarry property and the impact this is likely to have on the community. At the heart of the submission is the on-going role the Tamahere Mangaone Restoration Trust and public access to the site. To see the full submission CLICK BELOW to download the word doc.

The TCC is seeking community feed back for submissions on the Keeping of Animals Bylaws update

This might seem an innocuous request but is particularly relevant because it will determine how much livestock - pigs, poultry (including roosters) horses and even bees - you can keep on a lifestyle block or rural area and urban areas.

To see what the WDC is proposing click the link below.

For more information please CLICK HERE

Once you viewed the link above, your TCC is requesting feed back on the WDC's early discussion document so that our submission truly represents community sentiment.

CLICK HERE to share your thoughts.

Link To All WDC Submissions

Have your say! CLICK HERE

Tamahere Blueprint On Hold

We have been advised by council that the 22/23 addendum to the Tamahere Blueprint has infact been acknowledged by council Councillor Crystal Beavis sent us this : “All local blueprints will be updated in keeping with the survey feedback received – the more detailed feedback from Tamahere Community Committee will be included as an addendum to the existing blueprint.”   Click link below to obtain our latest version.

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