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Tamahere Welcomes New EV Charging Station Near Waikato Expressway

Tamahere, has taken a significant leap towards sustainable living with the introduction of a new Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station at Tamahere Village car park.

Strategically located just a minute's drive from the Waikato Expressway on and off ramps, this addition is not just a win for eco-friendly travel but also a testament to the area's commitment to modern amenities.

Tamahere Village, situated on Wiremu Tamihana Drive, is more than just a charging spot. It's a destination in itself, featuring cafes, shops, a pharmacy, a medical centre, and a supermarket. With playground facilities, skatepark, accessible public restrooms, and cycling and walking tracks, drivers can enjoy a range of activities while their cars charge.

Councillor Crystal Beavis of the Tamahere-Woodlands General Ward emphasises the significance of this development. 'The EV charging station is another milestone in the realisation of a long-held vision of the Tamahere community, working with Council, to build a genuine heart for Tamahere in keeping with its country living values,” says Tamahere-Woodlands General Ward Councillor, Crystal Beavis. 

The area is also home to the Waikato District Council Tamahere Council and Community Space, which offers a range of services including free Wi-Fi, public meeting rooms, and hot desks.

'Tamahere village has witnessed considerable development over the past five years', says Charles Fletcher, chairperson of the Tamahere Community Committee.

'The development of the Tamahere village centre has been a pivotal project, and we’re thrilled to see our plans, including the EV charge station, come to fruition', says Charles Fletcher.

The 2022 opening of the Waikato Expressway has made Tamahere an even more attractive spot for visitors. 'The charging station further enhances Tamahere's appeal, drawing people to our excellent local amenities and the famous Tamahere Country Market,' adds Councillor Beavis.

The new charging station is a collaboration between the Waikato District Council and ChargeNet. Located opposite the playground and skatepark, it features two 75kW charging stations, providing four charging points.

This development not only enriches the Tamahere experience for locals and visitors but also aligns with the growing trend of sustainable transportation, making Tamahere a model community for eco-friendly initiatives.